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It's Time to Bring in the Professionals...Planners

Feel as if you've run a marathon? As if you have two full time jobs?
Maybe that's because you do. Most couples planning a wedding will invest no fewer than 30 hours a week. That will include, early morning emails, calls from work, checking websites, appointments on your lunch break, probably after work too... most of your weekends, not to mention those late night conversations with Mom or your fiance.

By the time brides reach the last month before their wedding they are either exhausted, have no personal life, or are overwhelmed by what they have left to do before the wedding... how do you relax and enjoy the big day?

Many brides have decided to bring in the professionals!
Professional Wedding Consultants are trained in the art of producing wonderful marriage celebrations with many offering "month of," "week of" or "day of" services. Exactly what they offer and how they charge will vary in degree from consultant to consultant. Most offer you piece of mind, will contact your vendors, verify services you've contracted for, delivery time, help establish a wedding timeline, many assist in facilitating (read "refereeing"-- depending on your family dynamics) your rehearsal, assist in that crucial hour before the ceremony, and work with your vendors to ensure a smooth transition from ceremony to reception.

Wait! Back up?
Assist in that crucial hour before the ceremony? What could go wrong? We show up the guest are there, we line up and walk down the aisle... easy! The hour before the ceremony is my toughest hour, that's the place where the tiniest details can go wrong. Guys need boutonnieres, Moms need flowers, is you dress OK after sitting in the limo, are the guys seating guests or are people standing around, who's giving out programs, when do they cue the music?

Who handles that, MOM?
No way -- she's supposed to be enjoying family and friends. "Oh, I have a friend who can do that!" Nine times out of ten that friend has been in maybe three weddings in their life... if you're lucky. Ten They have never had to stand up to a vendor who delivered the wrong thing... are they going to settle a family dispute if divorced parents have a dispute or someone needs to be cut off at the bar?

For what amounts to being a very small percentage of your wedding in dollars, time and energy spent a Professional Wedding Consultant can assist you in making your fairytale wedding a reality. Most have an emergency kit to handle most major problems, have probably worked with some of the wedding professionals you have contracted, and will have formulated a back up plan for anything that could go wrong on the day you've run a marathon putting together. So you can enjoy your day, calm cool, and collected.

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