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Does the prospect of a Traditional Wedding make you consider Eloping?
Some brides would feel honored to have such a wedding, but for the rest of us, the esteemed Social Club won't cut it.

A bond has been established between you and your special one. You bask in the glow of your future day. A shadow appears above your picnic blanket as questions and concerns from family and loved ones arrive. They ask, "Are you planning a white wedding?", "Will it be religious?", "Where is the diamond on your finger?".

Overwhelming dilemma: The band should play something for everyone, but Mom still likes disco

You need quick help, but what to do...
You go to the local supermarket for the latest wedding magazine. You pick up the thickest magazine, the one with the airbrushed blonde bride, size 1 1/2. Pretty dress, ball gown, Cinderella, Snow White. Stories of childhood fairytales float through your mind. Nausea inevitably sets in. No you're not pregnant, you're scared. What about Wonder Woman, Betty Page, Bridgett Bardo, Barbarella, a Vixen or two. So the prudish ladies in the magazine don't fit your image of glam. What to do, where shall you look. Well you're not alone. Welcome the Independent Bride.

There are many options out there for the courageous, who dare to think twice. This is your big day, let your uniqueness shine.
Research, research, research. The internet is the best way to find out what is available. Start with a search about your interests, hobbies, time-period fantasies, themes, favorite movies. The most important aspect of creating an original wedding is your crafty ideas.

Tap into your imagination and you'll find a wealth of materials. If you're having some trouble or if you're too stressed to think, give your self a moment to breathe. Relax, your supposed to enjoy this. Now get some paper and something to draw with. Doodle and sketch, let your mind run free. Write Your Fantasies, sketch your wedding dress, dream up you ring.

These ideas will be important on your journey. It is a visual map of your wedding plans. Having a sketch of a dress will make shopping for one go much quicker. Better yet take it to a seamstress to make it custom just for you. The same goes with the jeweler, why wear a ring that everyone else has. Express yourself with your very own design.

Remember this is your special day; it's time to get creative and take control. Let nothing get in your way, as an Independent Bride you can have "Your Wedding - Your Way".

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