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Gown Preservation

After your wedding, an important decision must be made: What to do with that Wedding Gown that you will always remember. The one that you knew was destined to be worn on your Special Day. Do you to protect your investment in time and money? Perhaps, save it for your own daughter or granddaughter in years to come? Or, just stuff it in a corner somewhere never to be seen again.

With proper cleaning and preservation by a trained specialist, your gown will always be available to you to relive the wonderful memories of that day, or to pass it along to the next generation. Removal of any sugar or salt that might have gotten spilled onto your gown will prevent any permanent damage. The placing of your gown into an acid-free chest will protect against any discoloration.

Be sure to choose a preservationist carefully. Make sure that their work is guaranteed. Ask to inspect the gown after cleaning and before preservation.

With proper care, you will always have your Wedding Gown to help those special memories stay alive for years to come.

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