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This is a TEST, This is only a TEST...Rehearsal Dinners
Way too many couples look at the rehearsal and dinner as exactly this... a test, a practice run, a necessary formality before the wedding. The reality is that it is so much more but, is often left to the end of the planning, an afterthought. While I agree that the rehearsal dinner should never over shadow the reception... it is a very special time and requires thought and planning.

Regardless if your rehearsal dinner is on a sailing ship on Penn's Landing, a carousel in Bucks County, an historic inn in South Jersey or in your back yard... there are ways to make it special and personalized. This can be a time to honor those in your family and bridal party that you may not be able to honor at the wedding.

A favorite location that is either too small or too expensive for everyone you are inviting to the wedding makes a warm atmosphere for your rehearsal dinner. Favors that would cost too much for 200 guests are easier to do for 30 people. Toasts from both of you, brothers, sisters or even mothers who would not normally get a chance to make a toast at the wedding are a great touch at the rehearsal. This is a great time to honor parents and grand parents, remember life long friendships and honor those who have passed, which may be out of place or not recognized by many at the wedding.

In general, try to keep it fun, honor those special people whom you have invited to be part of your new life together, a way to do food, flowers, favors... anything that is special to the two of you that you may not be able to share with the larger crowd but are able to share with those closest to you.

Mark Kingsdorf
The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants
"Making Fairytale Weddings A Reality"
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