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Understanding How to Share the Costs of Romance
Ahhh... The Financial Dilemma of the Wedding.
Tradition tells us who should pay for this and that, however tradition didn't have in mind the necessity of refinancing a mortgage to afford the wedding of today. It has become more and more common for the Bride & Groom to personally assume some of the costs while the in-laws-to-be work together to manage the budget.

Be Vocal and Realistic
Certain family members, names withheld for obvious reasons, may tie their interests to their investments. So for the independent minds amongst us beware. Tread softly when accepting assistance as well as keep a cool head when you volunteer to contribute. If you want to run the show, make sure you take a calculator to your budget early on. Understanding your financial ability will largely determine what type of affair that you'll have. Make sure to take the time and think it out before you make any decisions.

Tradition has it; the Rest is Up to You...
The following list is what tradition dictates, and although traditions are changing it's a good idea to understand the expectations of you and your family:
Responsibility of the Bride
Ring for Groom
Gift for Groom
Gift for Attendants
Personal Stationary
Responsibility of the Groom
Ring for Bride
Gift for Bride
Bridal Bouquet
Corsage for Bride
Corsage for Mother
Gifts for the Best Man
Marriage License
Responsibility of the Bride's Family
Wedding Gift
Ceremony Site
Bride's Wedding Attire
All Invitations
Music: Reception & Ceremony
Bouquet for Bridesmaids
Flowers for Reception
Transportation for Bridal Party
Responsibility of the Groom's Family
Rehearsal Dinner
Wedding Gift
Shipment of Wedding Gifts
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Understanding How to Share the Costs of Romance
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