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Gourmet Reception at your Favorite Restaurant
Honey, where would you like to eat tonight? I'm in the mood for something special. This is a question that you and your fiancÚ may ask each other often. Why not ask that same question when selecting a reception site? You want your wedding to be a special experience for you as well as your guests, spending endless hours selecting the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, and the perfect venue. Treat your guests to a special meal.

When planning your wedding you will discover endless possibilities for reception sites, hotels, country clubs, museums, backyard tents and more. Among those possibilities you should consider your local favorite restaurants, the restaurant where you went to celebrate your last promotion, your last birthday, and where you took your parents when they came to visit. Your favorite restaurants may offer all the style and amenities you require, and most importantly, have the expertise to serve you and your guests an exceptional meal.

With your favorite restaurant, depending on the size of your reception, you may reserve a private room or you may be able to reserve the entire space. You, with the chef, may craft a customized menu and wine selections of exceptional quality. The restaurant's event coordinator will assist you with your reception planning, and because restaurants host many types of events, may be able to offer additional suggestions and assistance in securing other needed services from musicians, florists, transportation providers and audio/visual specialists.

When exploring restaurant reception options: 1) first contact the restaurant's event coordinator to discuss date availability, room capacity, additional services provided and to receive copies of special event menus; 2) schedule an appointment to inspect the proposed reception space and to discuss menu options and customization; 3) schedule a tasting of your selected items (most restaurants will charge a small tasting fee); and 4) if all is to your liking be prepared to place a deposit securing the date as restaurants book up quickly with their regular clientele or other events.

Carmel Cantiello
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