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Much time is spent planning every beautiful detail of your wedding day. The day comes when you and the person you love make a verbal commitment, in your best dress in front of friends and family. You are so wrapped up in joyously happy event, it passes by at lightning speed. No worries, you hired a Videographer to capture your day.

Videography is an aspect of wedding planning that has been over looked by some. The belief is having photos and Uncle John's shaky intermit tin video of the day are fine. The reality is, photos only capture beautiful frames from the day, and a reputable professional video company can capture the whole event.

Technology and talented artist of the moving image have merged over the past 15 years to create wedding videos worth watching over and over again. Due to the competition of videographers they have formed different organizations to challenge their skills to become better at what they do. The old days of analog / VHS videos with Porky Pig endings, and dated video effects have ended for the professional videographers. They strive for a more timelessly classic wedding video. After all, their name on it. All artist want to leave behind great work. The ones that don't, fear. For they will keep their camera on their shoulder the whole day, and capture a bunch of wide shots, with the occasional close up. They will claim it is a documentary style, it is more news room just get the shot style not worthy of such a special day. True documentary style, does just that. It moves with the happy couple throughout their day, capturing the little details as well as the big picture. Not fearing a little artistic motion for that is what life is, motion.

When looking for a videographer, look at as many as you can. Ask friends and family, look in the phone book, wedding magazines, ask wedding planners, etc. Once you start to meet videographers ask to look at their reels. Ask some photographers who they like to work with, for this helps both professional parties produce even better work. Photographers and Videographers are two different fields with the technology of today even though they both share the same history.

Most importantly, be leery of chop shops that offer to shoot your wedding for ridiculously lower price than other companies. That is a video no one wants to watch again. You may also lose a few friends if you make them watch it. Chop shops have often ruined a beautiful wedding day with lack of footage, to many bright lights in the room on stands as well as on the camera, and being to pushy with the bridal party and guest. A true professional of wedding videos firstly has cameras that can handle low light, and knows how to work with the available light, and uses a camera mounted light at low levels so as not to blind or annoy you or your guest.

These days everything is digital. Videographers are more likely to offer you a DVD than a VHS copy of your edited video. It has a longer shelf life, and for most easier to make. VHS tapes, technically, have a shelf life of 10 to 15 years, and do become unwatchable over time.

Be sure to ask what kind of equipment the videographer has. All videographers use Digital cameras of different sizes and makes. They should all have one thing in common, Broadcast quality video. And remember size does not matter when it comes to cameras.

Ask how many weddings they do a year. If they do over 20, ask if they use sub contractors to cover the jobs they cannot. If so, ask to see their work as well, and possibly meet them before the big day. Also be sure the videographer has a wireless mic system.

Most Brides and Grooms say their vows very soft. The mic helps the ceremony sound better on video, and you can relive your vows with great clarity. Also ask if the videographer has a specific amount of tape they use for each wedding they work. Standard is 3 to 4 hours. Any thing more and they may charge extra.

Once you decide on a videographer be sure to go over the days events, and any special people other than the bridal party of course, that you want to be sure to capture on video. For instance, special vows, your sibling the soldier, a birthday. These are events both you and a professional videographer want to capture. After all, it is only happening on that day, at that time, and you want to see it again. The video is a way to remember that day, and how everyone interacted. Another good thing to check with the videographer is if they do table shots. Not everyone will be up on the dace floor, and great Uncle Sid may be off in a quite corner of the room sharing stories of the family with others. These unplanned gatherings are very insightful, and enjoyable memories that the bride and groom did not know about, for they are being tossed about on the dance floor for the 20th song in a row.

When it comes to payment; many videographers will not shoot the day of till they have at least 70 to 90% of the full package price. The final payment should not be made till after you have the DVD.

Some things you may find in a final contract with a videographer are; a meal for how ever many camera people come with the package you order, Travel fee if they have to go out side of their area or into a city, payment procedures, final project expectations, cancellation fees. Yes, every now and then a wedding is canceled. During a busy season your wedding date is worth money to all you have hired and booked for the day. It is a good thing to cover the unpleasant subject before you sign.

The most important things for all brides and grooms to remember on their wedding day is, Have fun, smile often for you are the stars of the day and the cameras are watching even when your not looking.

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