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Month by Month, Day by Day

Ready or Not...
Here's the whole run-up to the Wedding in an easy Monthly format. Remember to enjoy it, because it goes real fast.

18 - 12 Months
Introduce Parents
Engagement Ring
Select the Date
Reserve Ceremony Site
Select Photographer & Videographer
Reserve Reception Facility
Select Music
12 - 9 Months
Create a Budget
Build Guestlist
Select Officiant
Choose Attendants
Select Cake
Choose a Florist
Make Hotel Arrangements
Engagement notice in Newspaper
9 - 6 Months
Edit Guestlist
Bridesmaids Dresses
Shop for Wedding Dress
Start planning the Honeymoon
Register at Favortite Stores
Plan Rehearsal Dinner
Arrange Wedding Transportation
6 - 3 Months
Shop for Wedding Rings
Order the Cake
Choose Invitations
Complete the Guest List
Assist Mothers with Dresses
Select Formal Wear for Men
Find a Calligrapher
3 Months - 6 Weeks
Mail Invitations
Gown Fitting
Discuss Menu
Request Music
Buy Gifts for Attendants
Wedding Notice in Newspaper
6 - 4 Weeks
Final Fitting for Gown
Pick up Wedding Rings
Select Wedding Accesories
Plan Seating Chart
1 Month
Confirm with all Vendors
Change of Name form (Optional)
Final Confirm on Guest List
2 - 1 Week
Apply for Marriage License
Pack for Honeymoon
Gifts to Wedding Attendants
Day Before
Rehearse Ceremony
Update Seating Chart
Confirm again with all Vendors
Get Manicure & Massage
Rehearsal Dinner
Go to bed early
Wedding Day
Make sure the Wedding Cert. gets signed
Don't forget to Eat
Give time for getting Dressed
Relax and Enjoy!!!

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Month by Month, Day by Day
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