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My friends are always late! What should I do?

Dear Mark: I have a lot of friends who are late for everything...someone suggested that even though my wedding starts at three o'clock I should put two -- thirty on the invite to get them all there on time...what to you think?


First things first -- as always..It's your day...your way what ever you really want to do is fine ... my suggestion and observations.

Your friends will be late regardless of what time you put on the invite...and I understand your concern. What about the people who are on time and early? Is there a wedding before yours? Will they be able to get into the ceremony site if they show up "on time"? Are you willing to have them sit from 2:15 until the real ceremony ends at 3:30-4:00? Will your florist have enough time to decorate the church before people arrive at 2:15? Are the musicians avaialble to play beginning at that time? Lots to consider.

Last wording your invitations it is proper form to list the start time as -- "Three o'clock in the afternoon" or "half past two in the afternoon"...hard things to remember as we all tend to write what we are used to 3:00 or 2:30.

Mark Kingsdorf
The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants
"Making Fairytale Weddings A Reality"

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