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Building a Guest List, A-List B-List

Dear Mark: I'm trying to invite all my friends and have a bigger guest list than I wanted...I decided to do an A list and see who declines and then send out a B list when I have space. How long can I wait before sending out the B list??


This is one of the toughest issues in wedding consulting...

Look at your "B" list are they really B friends? If they truly are -- do you need to include them or are you just trying to repay being invited to their wedding or making families happy? If you narrow the list you can add them to your A list and increase your number slightly.

I know that increasing the number sounds easy for me if I'm not the one paying for the extra to your catering could do a less expensive entree and keep your cost per person down while slightly increasing your number of guests.

Mark Kingsdorf
The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants
"Making Fairytale Weddings A Reality"

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